Top Physiotherapy Hospitals in Dombivli

  • Address: Plot No. 57, C.R.W. CHS., Near M.I.D.C. Water Tank, Kalyan Road, Dombivli (E). Water Tank, Kalyan Road, Dombivli (E).
  • Phone: 9324493909
  • Web Site: external link
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  • Location: Mumbai
  • Sub Location: Dombivali
  • Published: 28 Apr, 2018
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    Shivam Hospital is a Multispeciality, Critical Care & Joint Replacement Center. there is a team of Skilled Surgeons like Plastic Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Physician & Neurosurgeon, Spine surgeons. Physiotherapy is also there for patients in Dombivli. When people suffer from brain disorders or experience symptoms that might indicate a neurological problem, they may consult a neurosurgeon. These highly trained physicians diagnose and treat brain disorders and related disorders of the nervous system. Shivam Hospital having that highly skilled team of Physician and Neurosurgeon in Dombivli. Successful neurosurgeons not only have expertise and training in their field, they also should have certain personal and professional characteristics to be effective. See more details on Feel free to call us for any query: 9324493909
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