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Benefits Of Local Online Directory To Your Business

Join Terrey Hills Local Directory and be a part of our active online community today!  We want to help to promote local businesses, events, jobs, articles  and more that reflect the vibrancy and life of this unique area that we experience every time we wander through the streets, visit our friendly shops or walk on one of the many trails. Terrey Hills Local hopes to promote community awareness and in return will donate funds to the two associations that have protected our area for decades from bulldozers and high density dwelling - Terrey Hills and Duffys Forest Progress Associations. Without funds, these associations cannot exist.

So let’s look at the other benefits this site can offer -  for our local businesses and community

  • Low Cost Advertising
    Being a part of this directory site means you are part of a yellow pages type directory - but you benefit from the hard work we are doing to promote the directory site. For a small fee you can have big exposure, and we help you.

  • Target Potential Customers - and the unexpected ones
    Just to give you an insight of what’s actually going on with people’s activities online, here are some facts  to consider.

    - 3 out of 4 people are more likely to visit stores found on local search results
    - 8 out of 10 people use online directories to find shops
    - 67% search for business address - only 55% search for business websites
    - 33% of local searches came from visitors/tourists to the area

As you can see from these numbers, people rely heavily online searches to seek information. emphasising to the ratio of people who use online directory sites to find local shops.
We can also notice that more people are searching for the business address first. This gives small businesses an advantage that don’t yet have a existing website. Yet, it’s important for you to consider creating one as the competition gets more techy. We’ll dig deeper into that a little bit later.

Let’s not forget another important statistic. Based on a case study conducted by Search Engine Land, 33% of people using local search are visitors to a particular area. That’s a high percentage! They don’t know your name, don’t even know you exist, but are searching for your products or services closeby. And maybe it’s you that will win the business.

  • SEO Purposes
    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is a technique used so sites will rank highly on search engines (based on the keywords/ phrases input into the site). In simple terms, when you have  great SEO, more website traffic should come to your site.

    Linking your business website to another with high authority is an effective way to improve your exposure online. First, people are more likely to remember you once they found you from a credible site. Second, Google will find your site more relevant based on interests once it finds that your site is linked to an authoritative website. We make sure the directory site is highly optimised and ranks well on Google.

  • Brand Exposure, Recognition, and Authority
    We mentioned earlier that 8 out of 10 people use an online directory to find local shops in the community. With this in mind, we also mentioned earlier that they are more likely to remember businesses found on directory listings. On top of that, it gives your business a professional appearance.

    Online directories are reliable because:

    - Ease in finding relevant business details
    - Completeness of available contact details
    - Listings are categorised in multiple ways for various search options
    - Ability to see all other options based on their interests
    - If it is regularly updated, it is more trustworthy and will be revisited

    Let’s put it this way - when you regularly go out in the Terrey Hills community, you tend to check out all restaurants around the area - including the new ones and recommend the best ones  to your friends. The same is true with directory listings. When people visit the site, they will check out the shops relevant to their interests (brand exposure). They will take a look at each shop that is interesting until they find the perfect one for them (brand recognition). Next, if they visit your shop and love it, the word-of-mouth marketing comes after (brand authority).

    So choosing an online directory listing can really boost your trade and the viral element can boost your profits!

  • Find Out Other Competitors - and the new ones
    Not only does a directory site enable you to rank on Google, gain exposure, target new customers, and advertise at low cost: it also gives you the ability to do some detective work on your competitors. Find out what people have to say about them - good or bad.

    It gives you a complete list of all competitors around the area. This way, you’ll have a grasp of what isn’t offered yet in the Terrey Hills community. So, why not be the first one to offer it?


Bonus Takeway
Did you know that half of small businesses never update online listings?

In a study conducted by ConstantContact, half of small business don’t bother to update their business details. One reason is that only 23% of the population know how online listings affect their site traffic. So make sure you keep your listing up-to-date and engaging. You can do this any time by just logging onto your account and like any simple word document - you just type in the info.

Although the data used in this study isn’t directly gathered from Terrey Hills community, the same is most likely to be applicable. But “you’ve got to be in it to win it” - so the saying goes, so for that small investment, be a big part of our community. Join us today.
Terrey Hills Local offers different packages for different services, business listings, events, classifieds, real estate, special offers and more.

Posted on: 12 Sep, 2017 16:10